Meet the Writer


Hey there, friend! I’m Rylie, the head and heart behind the Wondering Mind of a Wanderer. 

I am a San Diego native who loves spending time outside, laughing often, and lounging in hammocks. I recently got married to my very favorite adventure partner, and we enjoy discovering what it looks like to be husband and wife, playing endless games of Yahtzee and Rummy, and being back home in San Diego after some time living in the midwest.

As a writer, I am thoroughly obsessed with discovering people’s stories, uncovering the little lessons in each day, and crafting words that spark a thought or inspire hope.

On The Wondering Mind of a Wanderer I passionately pursue striking the tension of wholeheartedly seeking life’s goodness and truth while honestly wrestling with the world’s darkness and chaos. My questions about life and my discomforts about our human experience are usually what drive my pen to paper, but the process of writing has become my lantern that lights the way towards unwavering hope, deeper connections with others, and overflowing joy.

When I am not writing, you will likely find me trying out a new coffee shop, convincing a friend to go on some wild adventure with me, or attempting to become a morning person (so far, still a no go).

I love new friends and hearing their stories, and I would love to connect with you! Feel free to shoot me an email at and introduce yourself. I can’t wait to
meet you!

Thank you for joining me on The Wondering Mind of a Wanderer and thank you for being a part of my journey.

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