24 Lessons in 24 Years

To those who fill my life to the brim and point me back to goodness and joy, this is a big THANK YOU tribute for your beautiful lives and the many gifts of friendship. Cheers to 24 years of learning and loving and to the people who have been teaching me how to live a wholehearted life. 

  1. The things that fill our lives with radiance and purpose are usually the things that require risk, diligence, and courage.FullSizeRender
  2. Hope is never so real and so unwavering as it is when you’ve had to find it while still wandering in the dark.IMG_8635
  3. Love is often harder than we bargain for. It is also more rewarding than we could have imagined.IMG_8676
  4. To my ladies: Ditch the make up and the curling iron every so often. Your natural beauty deserves to shine, and our world is in need of some more women who are unapologetically themselves.IMG_1240
  5. Gratitude is our key to unlocking joy… and it takes many many times of losing and refinding that key before we truly live this lesson. 
    If you need some extra encouragement or wisdom, head on over to my joyful aunt’s website Jamie Lynn Grant.com. She is currently doing a 10-week series on self-love, and it is incredible.
  6. You will, if you dig deep enough, find you have at least one thing in common with every person on this earth.IMG_7629
  7. Though ill-health does indeed slow us down, no ailment of the body can crush our soul without our permission.


    You are so missed, our beautiful #jenistrong.

  8. Surround yourself with a little circle of people who push, encourage, and (sometimes) hold ya. It is essential to your ability to thrive and survive. And be sure to return the favor by standing in someone else’s little circle too.21151338_10212827790746245_1902383333076393938_n
  9. Never underestimate the power of presence when no words will ease another’s grief.10277757_10201778285331294_3176809873198449660_n
  10. To the creatives in this world who courageously do their creative thing without hesitation: thank you for shifting perspectives, speaking truths that need to heard, and reminding that beauty is within reach if we have the eyes and hearts to see it.17202705_10212706024914057_9129715040365942419_n
  11. Even amidst life’s unthinkable heartache, the human spirit somehow finds the resilience to continue living and learning and loving. This a beautiful mark of God’s breath alive in all of us.21616547_10214195550824337_3835321662375955917_n
  12. Not every season of our lives will be a “thriving” one. Sometimes we have to sit in the pit during this season so we can learn the lessons that will have us thriving in the next one.12246675_531827060325642_7365702936487455256_n
  13. When our heartache is met with another’s empathy,  we can slowly release the weight of our suffering until one day we discover that we are belly laughing again.FullSizeRender
  14. Sometimes our most heartfelt prayers look something like, “God, please send help,” and I think He is quite alright with that. That is usually when he starts to carry us.FullSizeRender (2) copy
  15. The random kindness of strangers can turn an unfamiliar city into a home and turn new friends into family.

    FullSizeRender (3).jpg

    To my honorary Grandpa, your wisdom and our coffee dates are so very missed. Rest in Peace, dear friend.

  16. Old books, morning coffee, giggling friends, swinging hammocks, bonfire smells, live music, fall leaves, flickering candles… can restore a heart to peace and remind us that the little joys link arms to create the big Joy.IMG_6863
  17. Make time for play and adventure. When our desire to play is at its lowest, our need for play is probably at its highest.FullSizeRender (2).jpg
  18. When we find that our soul has gotten out of whack, we could probably use a little stroll outside. Nature has a way of speaking the wisdom that our hearts forgot when we got caught up in the speedy chaos of our routine.IMG_4610
  19. We discover our freedom when we are able to walk through life with open hands – ready to release when we must and receive when we need.


    Check out our amazing photographer, Elissa Voss.

  20. We never outgrow our need for mothers. Every fever, unsuccessful cooking venture, or heartbreak still has me hitting the speed dial for my Momma.22089424_10214676949865949_6848348152358728138_n
  21. Asking for help is an act of courage, not a sign of weakness.


    “It’s OK to feel feelings.” – Alex Worth

  22. Contentment is a state of the heart, not a result of the perfect circumstances.FullSizeRender.jpg
  23. Honesty is hard. Honesty is rare. But when we are honest about our biggest hopes and long-haul struggles, the walls between us and our fellow men & women start to crumble.FullSizeRender copy
  24. The world can feel so chaotic and dark and scary that we easily slide into a numb complacency. It takes integrity and faith to continue to wrestle, overcome our fear, and live with the conviction that choosing to love is always worth it.IMG_5977.jpg


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