A Thought on Darkness


Morning light does not always bring relief.
The promise of a new day brings more despair than hope to those whose nightmares exist during daylight.
Questions of your faithfulness lay my first steps of today,
Your voice muted beneath my wild, screaming thoughts:
Lord, are you even there?
Does your heart still care?
Can I trust you, do I dare?

In the stillness, I doubt you are good.
Sometimes, I doubt you are real.
If my doubts are true, could I keep on moving?
Could I keep on loving?
Could I keep on breathing?

Darkness only darkens without you.
Good completely dissolves without you.
Hope loses its glisten without you.

Help me choose to face darkness with my dim, candle-light of faith.
For even a small candle sheds more truth than no light at all.

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