Megan & Jonas Engagement Shoot


Last Sunday I had the opportunity to take engagement photos for this beautiful couple. These two met last fall at Yale, where Megan got her master’s in Art & Theology and Jonas studied abroad from his home university in Germany. Their first interaction was in a class they shared, where Megan took the open seat next to Jonas and charmed him with her bright smile. Before they knew it, they were passing hours together over coffee, reading books side by side, and gazing up at the night sky hand in hand.


IMG_2401       IMG_2397

IMG_2351       IMG_2440

They spent the month of September together at Megan’s parent’s house in southern Kansas City. On September 23rd, they got up early to do some yoga at a lake nearby. After greeting the sunrise together, Jonas got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said “Yes!” They jumped in the lake to celebrate, and throughout the rest of the day Megan received dozens of letters from influential people in her life, who Jonas had reached out to before the engagement.

IMG_2456      IMG_2442          IMG_2472

  IMG_2469    IMG_2478


IMG_2507   IMG_2501   IMG_2515

IMG_2523      IMG_2532



   IMG_2634    IMG_2565






After the engagement shoot on Sunday, we celebrated with a big engagement party and then Jonas got on a plane to head back to Germany. Megan followed this morning, and the newly engaged couple will spend the next few months there, spending time with Jonas’s family while he finishes up his last semester of school. Their wedding will take place next August in Kansas City, where they will no doubt make the most attractive bride and groom!

IMG_2670IMG_2658     IMG_2668   

IMG_2714      IMG_2739


IMG_2763   IMG_2765    IMG_2833




IMG_2890      IMG_2905

IMG_2924      IMG_2943

Though this was my first engagement shoot, they made it so easy because they are the most attractive couple and were willing to give anything a go. When I asked them for a few words to describe what they wanted for their photos, they replied “natural” and “warm.” I definitely think we accomplished that, and also had a little fun trying some creative poses (and asking them to climb into trees). To the lovely couple, thank you for the laughs and great time taking photos. I absolutely admire the way you love each other. Cheers to your life together!


IMG_2978    IMG_2956   IMG_2993


One thought on “Megan & Jonas Engagement Shoot

  1. slastinson says:

    Megan and Jonas’ engagement pictures show their love so beautifully! I thank God for this beautiful couple in the LORD!

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