What Does Reconciliation Mean To You?

What does reconciliation mean to you?

As someone striving to make reconciliation work my lifetime mission, this question has been asked of me quite a few times in the past couple weeks. And yet, each time the question has left me fumbling over my words as I struggle to articulate such a broad and complex concept in a short definition. Though I fall far short of successfully putting my understanding into words, this is what I have come up with as I have repeatedly answered this question:

To me, reconciliation means relentless dedication, regardless of the sacrifices involved, to bring back together that which was once torn apart.

To me, reconciliation means seeing the both the commonalities and differences in each of us, and embracing both to unify rather than divide.

To me, reconciliation means choosing to lament the wrongs in our world rather than run or turn a blind eye.

To me, reconciliation means willingly carrying the burden of another, without expectation of self-gain.

To me, reconciliation means listening to those of differing opinions, to learn and build rather than to hate and burn.

To me, reconciliation means extending a hand to those deemed outcasts, gently reassuring they are not defined by the labels society places on them.

To me, reconciliation means acknowledging the rich, the poor, and all in between as competent and equal, favoring none above the other.

To me, reconciliation means entering the darker spaces of our generation, clinging to the hope that light can and does penetrate the darkness.

To me, reconciliation means speaking truth into the places it is unwelcome, doing so with humility and grace.

To me, reconciliation means the Creator of the world sacrificing his only Son to welcome many children into his loving embrace.

To me, reconciliation means a lifelong commitment to a poured out life of mending brokenness and division, recognizing God is the only one who can truly restore.

What does reconciliation mean to you?

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