That Deadly Smoke

Small streams of smoke rose from the various dancing flames dotted around the room, all attempting to offset the uncomfortable, unexplainable, unbearable mood of the viewing of one of my most beloved family members. Though these candles were placed to bring peace into the tragic room, the rising smoke only reminded me of what had begun to break apart her lungs, eventually taking them altogether. Fifty years before, no one had known that the simple social cigarette could slowly increase its user’s dependency on it, nor that years of giving into this dependency could destroy the user’s ability to breathe. Fifty years later, fifty years too late, my grandmother’s life became another number that proved it would.

One million people in China also became another number last year, another statistic proving that cigarette smoke does indeed destroy the lungs and take the inhaler’s life. China has yet to implement such prevention programs to discourage the one million per year from becoming two million by 2025. Other nations, like the U.S., have gradually begun enough prevention programs on the reality of lung cancer and cigarettes to convince people like my grandmother to quit smoking, though not before the damage has already been done.


“Role of Smoking Cited in China’s Rising Lung Cancer Deaths”

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